Turn data into value to boost your assets: d.equipment

Connected equipment and machines, smart sensors and devices allow the optimization of your assets, thanks to the real-time use of data and intelligence gathered directly on the manufacturing floor, including the use of analytics and machine learning technology to give people the tools required to optimize production.

Key benefits of d.equipment

Success story: troubleshooting


Dramatic reduction of machine downtimes

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Troubleshooting with d.uptime


Software solutions

Unveil your production line's hidden potential

d.revamp is our approach for your journey into Industry 4.0, enhancing and harmonizing production lines to brand new control systems with the latest state-of-the-art software and connectivity features. The added value in our d.revamp projects, ranging from a single machine to an entire plant, includes not only the replacement or adaptation of old hardware, but most of all end-to-end consultancy that covers every step of the transformation process towards lean production.

Real-time data collection and networking

Prevent time-consuming data collection and manual entry of poor and inconsistent quality. d.connect collects data from machines, shift information and other sources, regardless of the asset manufacturer and makes it available in a unified "language", in real-time. d.connect is the perfect foundation for further visualization, for analytics and preventive action.

Dramatic reduction of machine downtimes

One of the greatest benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is how it can dramatically improve operating efficiency. If a machine's performance falls below a defined standard, d.uptime can automatically pinpoint where the issue is occurring and trigger a service request – for all machines on the shop floor (such as Primary or Secondary). The system recommends precise action that operators and technicians can take to solve the root cause of the problem. Knowledge sharing and a center line check can be included.

Integrated sustainability for your shop floor and buildings

Our Building and Energy Management System (BMS) controls and automates many aspects of your buildings, from fire and smoke detection to lighting and heating, from ventilation and air conditioning to video surveillance and security. Everything is connected to streamline and improve your business sustainability and energy efficiency. Our integrated and effective BEMS can improve productivity, save money on operating costs, and ensure the comfort and safety of people working in and using your buildings.

"After the d.revamp solution was commissioned, the number of batches that could be produced on the exact same line in the same time increased by 30 (thirty!) %"

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non-tobacco, Fortune 500

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