Co-creating Industry 4.0

The Hauni Group, together with its parent company Körber, has embraced digital transformation as a clear strategic goal and as an important part of its overall strategy for a long time now. We support it both internally as well as for our customers in the tobacco business and in other industries.

Our mission

At Hauni Digital, we model, connect and optimize operational excellence in smart manufacturing and operations by offering our customers tailored end-to-end digital solutions for machines, processes and people.

At Hauni Digital we drive forward the convergence between lean and digital transformation. We create strategic value and inspiring solutions and deliver innovation that really matters for our customers.

Dr. Daniel Zamberlan

Executive Vice President Digital

Smart Factory Transformation

Delivering the best systems for your digital vision


Improve manufacturing process performance

Hauni Digital’s Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is the entire modular and seamless vertical and horizontal integration suite. Production (MES), quality, maintenance, intralogistics and warehouse processes throughout the entire plant, always under control, in real time. Full integration from shop floor control modules up to any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Designed, scaled, customized and delivered both for mobile devices and management dashboards. ISA-95 and OPC-UA compliant.

Asset management made easy

Managing hundreds of assets can be quite complicated and time-consuming. By implementing d.maintenance, our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software solution, you can achieve higher asset efficiency and integrated control. It allows you to track tasks that are related to the planning, cleaning and inspection of your assets. d.maintenance ensures that production systems operate as they are designed to, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity. Evaluation options also enable you to monitor the success of maintenance and control it as required at all times.

The right material at the right place at the right time

From conventional manual or forklift-operated systems to highly automated systems, such as automated guided vehicles (AGV): d.intralogistics controls and manages all tasks, processes, material flows and transport along the entire value chain. The integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables you to achieve shorter throughput times, greater efficiency and process reliability, Just In Time (JIT) and Just In Sequence (JIS) lean implementation, with maximum picking and placing quality.                                                                                                                                        

Real-time monitoring, synchronization and improvement

Hauni Digital’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software is the bespoke system for managing, monitoring and synchronizing the execution of real-time, physical processes involved in transforming raw materials into intermediate and/or finished goods, end to end. d.production delivers first-class manufacturing intelligence, real-time visibility with user-friendly dashboards, supporting continuous improvement for planning and execution, including centerlining, optimized cleaning and inspection, and defect handling, among other features.

Meet customer and regulatory requirements

Our Quality Management System (QMS) supports you in consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction. d.quality perfectly supports the implementation of ISO and further quality standards in your organization. The performance of defined processes as e.g. order processing, product measurement, calibration, corrective or preventive actions, laboratory and R&D outcomes, and so on, is measured, analyzed and continually improved, and this delivers inputs for management review processes and decision support systems.

These digital services and smart software solutions offer significant benefits, such as real-time global information, greater operational management flexibility and reduced down-time.

Elmar Schlöder



Give power to the people

Empowerment refers to all measures and strategies that increase the employee's engagement, self-leadership and self-management. Supported by our software solutions, employees are actively involved in projects and processes and participate in decisions and improvements, even if they do not invent and lead them themselves. This increases the employee's motivation and further consolidates knowledge and skills by continuous self-directed learning.

Interactive 3D training 24/7

The human factor is the most valuable asset when it comes to efficient machine operation. Our modern training platform helps especially technicians and operators to gain a complete knowledge of the machines, and how to run them in the best possible manner. Procedures and guidance are shown on interactive 3D models and explained step-by-step when needed. On the shop floor – on demand – around the world – at all times.

The single point of contact

Convenient touchpoints simplify our daily life. Find machine information at a glance and make decisions based on a single source of information. Manage your spare parts procurement and shop more conveniently than ever before. A new collaboration space allows you to increase the transparency of joint projects.

Assembly work digitally reinvented

d.shopfloor has already proven to significantly increase productivity. This app delivers all the relevant information directly to the workplace in a digital format. It provides quick access to the most up-to-date data at any time via an intuitive interface. Users benefit from reduced throughput times as well as higher quality and punctuality. In manufacturing, d.shopfloor covers topics such as tooling plans, work instructions and production order overviews. For assembly workers, topics include 3D models, parts lists and missing parts overviews.

From experts for experts

Our “Technical Remote Support” and “Remote Performance Analysis” services offer you a helping hand whenever you need it. Top-quality support is provided via state-of-the-art tools, such as the new Körber Xpert View system. These collaborative, real-time solutions ensure rapid troubleshooting, increased productivity and maximum availability, while reducing maintenance costs.


“We often used to have problems with time-consuming information searches and outdated documents. This led to delays and downtime in assembly. Today, we can access everything we need at the click of a mouse. This allows us to concentrate fully on our actual work, significantly reduces processing times and improves quality,” says Andreas Vogt, a mechanic in Rebuild Assembly from the Hauni Group.

Turns data into value to boost your assets

Connected equipment and machines, smart sensors and devices allow the optimization of your assets, thanks to the real-time use of data and intelligence gathered directly on the manufacturing floor, including the use of analytics and machine learning technology to give people the tools required to optimize production.

Unveil your production line's hidden potential

d.revamp is our approach for your journey into Industry 4.0, enhancing and harmonizing production lines to brand new control systems with the latest state-of-the-art software and connectivity features. The added value in our d.revamp projects, ranging from a single machine to an entire plant, includes not only the replacement or adaptation of old hardware, but most of all end-to-end consultancy that covers every step of the transformation process towards lean production.

Real-time data collection and networking

Prevent time-consuming data collection and manual entry of poor and inconsistent quality. d.connect collects data from machines, shift information and other sources, regardless of the asset manufacturer and makes it available in a unified "language", in real-time. d.connect is the perfect foundation for further visualization, for analytics and preventive action.

Dramatic reduction of machine downtimes

One of the greatest benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is how it can dramatically improve operating efficiency. If a machine's performance falls below a defined standard, d.uptime can automatically pinpoint where the issue is occurring and trigger a service request – for all machines on the shop floor (such as Primary or Secondary). The system recommends precise action that operators and technicians can take to solve the root cause of the problem. Knowledge sharing and a center line check can be included.

Integrated sustainability for your shop floor and buildings

Our Building and Energy Management System (BMS) controls and automates many aspects of your buildings, from fire and smoke detection to lighting and heating, from ventilation and air conditioning to video surveillance and security. Everything is connected to streamline and improve your business sustainability and energy efficiency. Our integrated and effective BEMS can improve productivity, save money on operating costs, and ensure the comfort and safety of people working in and using your buildings.

A matter of trust

Shared data are the fuel of the digital revolution. Sharing data across corporate boundaries requires a trusting partnership. Hauni invests in certification processes to build its partners’ trust.

Successful partnership with Microsoft

We have first-class trained experts, successful customer projects and sensational customer feedback. Our experts implement your projects with the latest Microsoft technologies.


Artificial intelligence to boost machines and processes

AI solutions empower you to take the next step from reaction to prevention at all times in your factory. We cleverly combine digital technology and expertise in engineering, machinery and processing. To mention only a few benefits, our AI technology saves time and money by automating and optimizing routine processes and tasks, enables faster and smarter business decisions based on data analytics and helps your people to avoid mistakes and to prevent 'human error'.

Prevent problems from happening

d.prediction is designed to help determine the condition of in-service assets in order to estimate when maintenance should be performed. Instead of scheduled checks and costly reactive responses, you can predict and address issues before they develop into problems. A perfect match and extended set of features in combination with our d.maintenance offering.

Real-time modelling and adaptation to changing parameters

Our software solution (former PROM) permanently monitors all the relevant production parameters in real time. Once data analysis detects a change in the influencing factors, d.digitaltwin uses AI-assisted prediction to adapt immediately. It calculates the optimized processing parameters for the new condition and provides them directly to the relevant equipment. This immediate action relieves operators and drastically reduces process fluctuations, ensuring optimum and consistent product quality.

Keep your machines and shop floor in optimum condition

d.OEEbooster uses big data to turn findings into preventive actions and recommendations. Our solution constantly scans the high-resolution machine data for potential anomalies. Any finding triggers a service request after automated root-cause identification. d.OEEbooster generates clear and very specific action recommendations to solve problems and keep machines and the shop floor in optimum condition. Additional knowledge sharing and learning from previous events pave the way for further automation.

The way to the green factory enables the use of AI-driven learning for building and energy management data. This solution is designed to optimize energy requirements and usage of utilities to monitor and minimize carbon footprint, environmental impact and costs. allows you to optimize factory conditioning systems, power distribution and surges, and other production processing needs, even integrating light and weather conditions. helps to detect energy transformation inefficiencies and allows users to achieve the ideal management of utilities and plants, preventing or reducing energy waste.

Digital twin

OPTIMIZED PRODUCTION PROCESSES that save time and money, improve transparency and increase efficiency – an endless quest for cigarette manufacturers. Hauni now provides digital solutions for all these areas.


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